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Victorian House, Radnor, PA


With 40 years of experience, RCC has served residents providing consulting from small internal and exterior
renovations to full house design.  Principle Mark Nelson Werther (MNW) is a registered architect with a specialty in
residential consultations.The main emphasis has been to provide initial architectural input/design to homeowners or
potential homeowners, but do not wish to spend large amounts of money to determine their primary needs.  RCC’s
capability to absorb the design information and provide usable design alternatives make the short term consultations
extremely effective.  Most consultations are completed in less than three hours.

RCC specializes in residential consultations that involve some or all of the following:
1.      Visual inspection of interior and exterior.
2.      Review of heating, air conditioning systems and insulation.
3.      Preliminary condition analysis.
4.      Review homeowner needs.
5.      Establish program reflecting those needs and alternatives.
6.      Determination with Owner of Zoning requirements and setbacks and land coverages.
7.      Provide sketches to determine physical and aesthetic feasibility of design(s).
8.      Provide analysis of conditions related to energy utilization and savings. Provide preliminary cost estimates.
9.      Discuss existing value of property in relationship to value and salability after new project completed.        

If appropriate RCC will take digital photos of the effected areas.  It is helpful if the home owner has a computer and
printer to transfer those images to 8 ½ x 11 pages so RCC can complete sketch overlays.   If those images are key
to the final decision, RCC may wish to print them in office and schedule a second meeting.

Prior to a meeting with RCC clients, that will be building beyond the existing structural envelope, they should obtain
a copy of Township Ordinances related to set-backs, lot coverage, impervious cover, and site water management. 
These and locations of property lines should be reviewed prior to the consultation to avoid the problem of a
non-buildable project.  Any site plans available on the property should be provided. It is common in many projects
that RCC can recommend methodologies that will save money, and create efficiencies that often pay for the consultation
several times over.

RCC does not perform the classical home inspections.